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Hottest Holiday Gifts Unveiled: Mobile

Excuse me for admitting that I did not write this post completely. One of the reasons we love blogging is that we can all share information. One of my blogging buddies sent me a Top Ten list for mobile devices…the hottest ones for your gift list!

Without further ado…


1.   Kindle Wi-Fi 6″ E Ink Display

The least expensive Kindle is Amazon’s #1 best seller and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon. Don’t forget to add a best seller or two!

2. iPhone 4S

 Everyone wants this iPhone! Could it be that Siri is the hottest ticket for our over-committed, under-organized world? Check it out!

 3. HTC EVO Phone

 HTC EVO 4G is a snazzy-looking Android touchscreen phone that houses a 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8650 processor for the smoothest mobile multi-tasking experience ever.

 4.  iPod Touch

You may have a smart phone but check out the iPod Touch. Enjoy watching videos on the 3.5-inch Multi-touch Retina display of the iPod touch 4G at a stunning resolution of 960x640p.

5. Earphone Headset for iPhone

Phones are great but you need a good set of earphones to hear all that great entertainment. Light Weight, compact, stylish, replacement headset for all iPhones!

6.   HTC Sensation

I love my Android phone and HTC makes some of the best. HTC Sensation 4G is a fashionable touchscreen phone that houses the dual core Snapdragon 1.2 GHz processor.”

7.   iPhone 3G/3GS

While everyone is flipping over its new sibling, the iPhone 3G/3GS has a lot to sing about. It’s inexpensive, comes with a full 3.5-inch screen, and gives you a clear view of all the contents and applications.

8.   Motorola Droid

The popular Smartphone powered by Android 2.0 developed in partnership with Google and Verizon wireless.

9.   iPod Nano

The Smallest iPod – A 1.54-inch color multi-touch display makes navigation unbelievably fast so your music is just a tap away.

10.   iPad 2

Movies, games & books come alive on the stunning 9.7-inch widescreen LED Multi-Touch display of the Apple iPad 2.

Now Click and Enjoy!

The Art, Science, and Grace of Attracting Prosperity

Attracting prosperity is part art, part science, and part grace. A prosperous business must not only accommodate but support life in all its complexity. A thriving business requires and provides resilience and continuity.

How do you go about building a thriving career or prosperous business? Here are some of the things I’ve learned and that I credit with supporting my own process of attracting prosperity.

1. Recognize that life happens. There will be ups and downs in your personal life and ups and downs in business. When you can accept these ebbs and flows of attention, energy, and focus, you will better be able to adjust to changing conditions both in your heart and in your environment.

2. Cultivate systems, practices, and networks that provide continuity. For example, my newsletter, blog and websites are ongoing and reliable means of staying in touch with a meaningful network in good times and in bad.

3. Pay attention to transitions. When change is happening, it can be easy to get caught up in reactionary thoughts and feelings that can muddy your thinking and make complex situations chaotic. Learning to detach and observe your reactions, thoughts, and fears will help you keep a steadier course without being rigid.

4. Learn to notice when things are expanding and when they are contracting, and choose your strategies accordingly.

5. Learn to regard mistakes as stepping stones to mastery. Avoid wasting time in needless guilt and defensiveness. Seize the opportunity to correct your error and move on.

6. Listen to your clients and customers. Identify those who get the most benefit from working with you with the least effort on your part. This is not laziness. This is learning to operate from the sweet spot – that place in which you add the most value by working from your strengths.

7. Rigorously address personal issues that inhibit success. This could mean seeing a therapist, paying off old debts, or starting an exercise program.

8. Learn to listen. Listen for guidance from Spirit, from your heart, from your environment, from colleagues, from clients.

9. Raise your standards regularly both for your own performance and for the caliber of client or customer that you attract.

10. Periodically update and refocus your business plan, including income, expense, and investment plans. Keep it simple. Distill your plans into a sentence or two that summarizes your goals and strategies so that you always know where you are going.

In our own lives, we are in many respects both flower and gardener. If we are to attract prosperity, we must make wise choices, keeping the source of our well being in clear view. While we cannot control all of the conditions and challenges in and around our lives, we can keep our own brightness aligned with its source. When we do so, we attract prosperity, knowing our purpose and thriving in its pursuit.

Start Attracting Prosperity Today

You might think that attracting prosperity sounds like a phrase that people use who think you need to meditate two hours a day, not eat meat and communicate with spirits with Biblical names. And while there are some New Age and New Thought gurus who do all of those things, actually attracting prosperity to your life is much simpler than that.

That’s not to say that it’s easy. There are many ways to do it wrong, which only means that you won’t attract the prosperity you deserve. There’s no doom and gloom option when it comes to trying to bring good things into your life. There’s no way to do it wrong and actually attract heartache.

Even by just attempting methods of attracting prosperity, you start wheels turning in both your head and the universe that can help good things happening in your life. Because the first step in making good things happen for yourself is a change in your attitude. This can affect every part of your life, if you let it.

Instead of seeing things through a negative lens, it’s necessary to see them through a positive one. Use the analogy of a glass that’s filled halfway with water. Instead of seeing it as half-empty or half-dirty, learn to see it as half-full. If you burn dinner, don’t see it as a ruined meal, notice that the pans will still be fine after they’re washed.

This shift in perception takes you from seeing negativity and limitations and instead into seeing the positive side of everything. Attracting prosperity works on the principle that what you believe and what you surround yourself with will attract similar things. If you go through your day noticing what’s wrong with everything, you are going to attract problems.

But if you go through your day noticing the good side to each situation, you will attract prosperity. This might sound far-fetched to some people, but when you focus on being positive and on seeing the good in things, your attitude will change.

Once this attitude shift takes place, it becomes even easier to automatically see the positive in even a very bad situation. When you begin noticing positive things, opportunities that you would have otherwise missed if you had been focused on the negative instead make themselves known to you.

When viewed this way, attracting prosperity seems less like some strange metaphysical system than it does good common sense. When you see an opportunity you might have missed with a more negative attitude, it’s like you’ve attracted the potential for prosperity, by seeing an opportunity where you wouldn’t have before.

And when you’re faced with an opportunity, you can take advantage of it where you couldn’t have before. Even if it was something you might have noticed before but not acted on when you had a more negative attitude, with a positive attitude you may act on it and believe that it will work in your favor. Attracting prosperity becomes second nature when you believe that good things are possible.